COVID-19 and holiday plans

COVID-19 an update

I know many of you have had to make alterations to your 2020 plans so far due to the global pandemic that is Coronavirus COVID-19. Hopefully with that said, you’re all keeping safe and well. For me,  that’s the most important thing for the time being.

COVID-19: phase 2

With any luck now that the UK has moved into the ‘second phase’ of the lockdown things will slowly start getting back to ‘normal’ soon. At least whatever that new normal may be.  I know some of you have carried on with your normal working life whilst others have been adapting to working from home. I hope that you all have managed to keep your jobs during this uncertain time.

For those of you working in ‘key roles’ I’d like to share my thanks; keeping the country operating throughout this mad time has been a massive task.

COVID-19 and Fluffies

I haven’t had a lot to do since lockdown started. On the plus side, lots of ‘annoying’ jobs around the house have now been done!

I’m safe and well at home, although I’m not sure Squeak is quite as keen that I’m around so much. That said he doesn’t miss an opportunity for a knee …….

Squeak relaxing on knee
Squeak relaxing on knee

COVID-19 and holidays

Despite the positive news this last week on the slight easement on the lockdown conditions, the reality is that currently no holidays are yet possible here in the UK or abroad. That’s obviously having an impact on the bookings already in the diary as they were all made before things got complicated!

I’m checking the diary each month and if I’ve not heard from people I’m double-checking what their plans are. There’s little point checking much further ahead as things are changing so rapidly. Obviously there’s been a lot of cancellations throughout April & May but hopefully things will start to improve going forward. We await further news from the Government on that front.

New holidays or rearranged trips

As and when you have your new dates, please let me know and I will get them into the diary. I know some holidays (mine included) have been put back to 2021 whilst others are being rescheduled for later in the year.

I am anticipating that, as and when holidays are able to be booked that there will be a bit of a rush, so do let me know your dates as soon as you’ve got them.

Be well, stay safe and hope to see you soon.


Simeon wearing sunglasses and a hat
Simeon: Stay safe out there