About Fluffies

Hi, I’m Simeon, and I created Fluffies Pet Sitting Service in 2015.

The whole ethos of Fluffies is to be able to provide high quality pet care in the Stockport area for a reasonable price. Here’s a little more about me and about Fluffies.

Pets are part of our families

So many of us have pets these days and they really are a part of the family. They provide company to us and so much love in return it’s easy to see why this is the case.¬†Over the past 30 years I have had several generations of cats and derived much pleasure from their company. Each cat has been totally different, some shy, some boisterous, some wanting all the attention whilst others prefer the quieter life.

About me

I previously worked in Stockport as a police officer, working with home-owners on matters of home security and crime prevention. Whilst¬†visiting people in the community, I found myself interacting with their pets who were often uncertain about a stranger in their home whilst I was working with their owners. When entering ‘their house’ it is natural for pets to be apprehensive about someone they don’t know, yet by spending time with them they quickly settle back down.

Having had cats for many years myself, I understand that from an owner’s point of view, going away even for a few days can cause a headache. Our pets are happy in their own environment with the familiar sights and smells of home. Any disturbance to their routine can cause them stress. So whilst kennels and catteries are one option, the idea of them being cared for in their own home is very appealing.

Simeon - owner of Fluffies Pet Sitting Service
Simeon – owner of Fluffies Pet Sitting Service

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