Pet Sitting in South & East Stockport

Fluffies Pet Sitting Service is an independent pet care business in Hazel Grove, Stockport. Established in 2015, we offer a visiting* cat and other pet-sitting service. I come to your home to feed and look after your pets whilst you are away.

Details of the costs are on the ‘Price‘ page and if you want any more details please drop me a message from the ‘Contact us‘ page.

All the pet photos featured on our website have been taken during visits. I hope they show you how relaxed the pets are whilst in our care.

* Our service involves coming to your house to visit your pets. We do not offer a boarding service.

White and grey cat sat in front of a tv screen

Pets – a part of the family!

Many households have pets, which we think of as part of the family.

We give our pets all the love and affection they can want, but what happens when we are away; be it on business for a few days, or a holiday away from it all.

While it is sometimes possible for a pet to go with us, often it isn’t. Which means that someone needs to look after your pets whilst you are away. Traditionally this would be via a cattery or kennels but this change of environment with lots of different sounds and smells can make the experience very stressful for our pets. With multiple household pets this might not even be practical, and could work out quite expensive too.

rabbit sitting in a comfy bed

Our main services

Pet Sitting

I will visit your home daily (or more if requested) to see your pets. I make sure your pets are fed and watered in line with your instructions. Where appropriate, I will clean out their litter tray. If your pet requires oral medication, I can administer this (although I cannot do injections).

As this is all done in the comfort of their own home, it minimises any stress for them whilst you are away. I charge on a per-visit fee so that if you have several cats, you pay once for them all. Cuddles and fuss all come as standard, assuming that’s what your pet wants!

I am insured, vetted and have a background in home security and policing. This leaves you safe in the knowledge that your pet is being cared for whilst you are away and that someone responsible is keeping an eye on your house. The service is suitable for occasional days away as well as for longer holidays.

Ragdoll cat sat in play tunnel looking at camera

Pet Company

Some pets are used to having somebody around them all of the time. However, there are circumstances when their human friend has to go out for a short period of time and it’s not possible for them to come too.

It could be a hospital appointment. Perhaps it could be a evening out with friends!

I can come around for the duration you are having to leave your pet on its own so they don’t get lonely. This service is only available during our office hours and not available overnight. However it bridges those awkward shorter periods that could otherwise cause you a headache to resolve.

fluffy cat sat on kitchen worktop looking at camera

House Guardian Service

One of the things that can play on peoples minds when they are away is that the house looks unoccupied.

I try to make it look as if somebody is at home whilst you are away. Therefore, I drive an unmarked car and pay attention to good home security.  I am fully insured and vetted by the Disclosure & Barring Service, so you can be confident in me.

I include the House Guardian service when I am looking after your pets. However, I also offer this service to anyone wanting me to check their house whilst away.

grey rabbit eating green veggies

I can visit your house several times per day to open and close your curtains. By turning the lights on in the evening this can make it seem like there is someone at home. On bin day, I can put your bins out for you.

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We cover the following locations
Adswood, Bramhall, Cale Green, Compstall, Davenport, Edgeley, Great Moor, Hazel Grove, Heaviley, High Lane, Marple, Marple Bridge,  Offerton, Poynton, Romiley, Shaw Heath, Stockport Town Centre, Woodsmoor and Woodford.

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