2021: Let’s hope it’s a better year

I do hope everyone is still safe and well in these crazy times!

By the beginning of January, in previous years, I would have circulated the forthcoming school holiday dates as well as the dates of my own planned holidays to let everyone know when things are going to be busy (and when I’m not going to be available).

Obviously, with the current lockdown ongoing without any real indication of an end point, there really hasn’t been a lot of point doing this (I do have holidays “booked”, but whether they will be allowed to happen remains to be seen). Making any sort of plans is tough at the moment for everyone.

That said, I know many of you are starting to try to book your 2021 breaks.

When the spring 2020 lockdown ended there was a big rush in bookings and with the restrictions having gone on for all this time, I envisage the rush will be at least as big in 2021.

Therefore if you do have anything booked, do please let me know ASAP so I can get you in the diary.