Online Feedback Guide


Feedback is something for Fluffies as a local business which is really important to us.

Cats love paperwork. But they're not very helpful with it!
Cats love paperwork. But they’re often not helpful!

Primarily, we want to know what worked well and if there was anything we could do better.

However, in addition, feedback is really useful to be shared so that other people can find out about the service that Fluffies provides to our existing customers to help give them an idea about us.

There are several places where feedback can be left. It only needs to be done in one place! Here are the best options to help everyone decide whether to ask us to look after their pets:

Google Feedback

It is possible to leave feedback for us directly on Google. So that if someone finds out about Fluffies on the internet, they can find out about your experience quickly and easily.

If you follow this link it will open Google and on the right of the page is a button to write a review. It’s that simple.

Facebook Feedback

Many people use Facebook for, well just about everything! We have a presence online on Facebook too and again it is possible to leave your feedback there.

You need to follow this link which will take you into our Facebook page. If you press the button in photo at the top of the page labelled ‘Message’ there is an option about 3 down in the list for ‘write a review‘.

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