Recycling cat food pouches

We are all aware that throwing away our waste into landfill is not a sustainable approach to take.

In Stockport over the last few years, the opportunity to separate out items that can be recycled has improved. The majority of houses now have 4 waste bins; Paper, Glass/tins, Garden and finally unrecyclable waste.

One frustration as a cat owner, as well as running Fluffies Pet Sitting Service, was the sheer volume of cat food pouches that I was putting into the black bin. The pouches are made of mixed materials including plastic and foil, which means that the council are unable to recycle them.

A typical week's worth of food pouches
A typical week’s worth of food pouches

Stopford Cat Rescue, a small charity based in the area, have become involved in a national recycling project which aims to tackle some of these products that would otherwise end up in landfill.

By collecting up rinsed-out cat food pouches, the charity is able to send them off to be recycled into new products, rather than immediately ending up in landfill.

The other benefit is that the charity receives a small donation back per food pouch recycled, which enables them to continue in their work; rehoming cats and their involvement in Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) projects which help to control the feral cat population in the area. So there are lots of benefits from doing this.

My customers may already be aware that on return from their holidays that their bins are no longer full of waste food pouches.

Do you want to get involved?

If any of my customers want to collect up their food pouches (which include the foil bags that the biscuits come in), please do so and once you have a carrier bag full let me know and I’ll arrange to collect it from you to drop off to the charity. Just make sure you give them a rinse out first!